Mission and Values

Edna Karr’s Mission Statement
The mission of Edna Karr High School is to teach all students to be independent life-long learners and achievers through the involvement of all stakeholders in a college preparatory environment.

InspireNOLA’s Mission Statement

The mission of InspireNOLA is to transform and inspire an educational movement

Perseverance- We foster determined, challenge-seeking and resilient students who approach their education with urgency.
Reflection- We develop frameworks for students to self-monitor and assess their progress towards academic & personal goals for continual growth.
Independence- We thoughtfully and gradually help students become autonomous learners who own their education and goals.
Dignity- We build safe classroom and school cultures where students take risks, experiment, and make mistakes as part of the learning experience.
Empathy- We create a school environment where students support one another, respect differences, and are compassionate.